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#217878 - Then she breathed softly in the trapped girl’s ear ‘I’m having you, bitch . Alexis had been initiated into sapphic sex – which she took to without the slightest hesitation – when she had just turned fifteen by the teacher who coached the Hirstmere Hall hockey team, in a venerable tradition that stretched way back, for that teacher had been eased into lifelong lesbianism by a dyke coach when she had been a teenage schoolgirl, and so on, and so on. With her lips almost next to Yuriko’s right ear, the Head Girl hissed: ‘So, bitch – have you learned your lesson now, hmm? The lesson is, your cunt and tits and ass all belong to me, for whatever I want and whenever I want them, yeah? Goddit, you flat-chested Jap fuck-hole?’ Yuriko could only dumbly nod her agreement, and with it, her unconditional surrender.

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