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#117753 - Ernie grabbed her round the waist and together they dragged the half ton tram to the shaft, then Ernie led her to her stall, He looked down on her, all black with coal, her leg bleeding and blood oozing among her hair, her body glistening with sweat like a thoroughbred, why had she grown so he wondered, her sister was three inches shorter, then he remembered her mother, an realised they would have had different fathers. Harry stopped his exertions and pulled out, shaking with fear, Get that leather harness off now girl, she ordered, May laid her only clothing aside, And walk through here she motioned towards the yard, and indicated the water trough, May climbed in, and suddenly Nanny had appeared and was holding May's head underwater, Clean not dead you daft bitch, cried Harry's mother as she ordered Tomlinson the Butler to administer the soap. May replied groggily I went ass over tit, Give us hand.

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