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#358099 - Where're you headed, I'm going to New Orleans? Me, too, Gwen replied while warming up to the conversation, I'm from Chicago. Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck that's nice, Gwen gasped while shoving her pussy hard into Steffi's hungry mouth. Steffi took a last sip of her wine and offered softly, No use doing that, I have a compartment with plenty of room for both of us! Gwen was about to protest that she would be fine in the coach car, but before she could reply Steffi had taken her by the arm and was leading her into the sleeper car! Here we are, Steffi said while unlocking the sliding door and slipping inside, all the comforts of home! Once inside Gwen looked around and had to admit that this would be quite a bit more comfortable than the seat in the coach.

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