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#249222 - Slowly and steadily you reach down and begin to pull your pants down and kick them off, both of us now naked I’m all flushed from my orgasm you kiss back up my body, lingering on my breasts again as I moan and you see a hand go down to my pussy rubbing my clit again but you stop me, kissing up my neck you whisper in my ear that I have to wait I smile and bring my hand back as you lick my ear and get between my legs again, your cock rubbing up against my thigh close to my pussy you smile and rub yourself up against my skin, your body on mine you press your chest again my beautiful full and firm breasts, my nipples rubbing on you as your cock moves closer to my pussy. You rub your tongue deeply into me once more and flick my clit with your finger, the heat and tightness on your tongue rising as I prepare for a massive orgasm, you smile as you get more juice to swallow and gasp as I arch high and push my hips forwards your mouth suddenly overflowing with my juice as my orgasm explo

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Akito takagi
I am so fucking scared right now