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#162767 - You can roast me father was Kasumi's reply stunning her father, That nice of you Kasumi, but if we roasted you who would prepare you?, you can't cook yourself he said with more tears, I guess your right father Kasumi said and went back to her preparation of Nabiki's rump roast for dinner, Let me know when you have spitted Akane and ill be right out there to get her on to cook Kasumi said humming to herself, Ill let you know when we decide to do it, the time is not right just yet Soun said as he walked out of the kitchen. Ranma asked Oh that, I think about the day ill be roasted every day since as long as I can remember it probably started around the time my mother was spit roasted by my father the same way him and your dad did Nabiki and all I can think is how much I don't want that to happen to me Akane said as the tears rolled down her face, Then ill make sure that while im around it will never happen to you! Ranma replied. ARE YOU NUTS!? Aka

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I can t believe i just watched this
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I wish you to experiment that
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Goddamn the fucking scenery when you really look past the core of the hentai and take a look around its really beautiful anyone know where this is also avalon is an island associated with the arthurian legend