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#113420 - He stroked up her leg to the very top, just resting his fingers there, before hooking them under her panties and rubbing her mound. 'Say hello Brenda' he prompted and she did so, shuffling and looking at her feet, why were they staring at her like that 'Wow, she will be a beauty, she will keep you on your toes eh?' one of the men laughed and her Daddy laughed too, although he shook his head 'She is a good girl, I dont predict any problems, she is just starting to flourish, turn from a girl to a woman, but I believe she knows her Daddy knows best' Turning to her he asked 'Isnt that so Brenda' 'Yes Daddy' she said looking at her watch again and missing her Daddy's frown. 'Show Daddy's friends how big your titties are getting Brenda' he said, loving how she cupped them and played with them, before burying her head in his neck, shamed making it flame bright red, and he grinned, he loved embarrassing her.

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Heero yuy
Yooo ngwana batho shame gape oa hlosiwa left and right
Kotori otonashi
Talk about a werid ass moan