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#25371 - She knew David had created a monster, but fuck him; if he didn’t want her anymore, she’d have plenty of money if she joined Devon’s stable, and all the cock that she could ever handle. What wouldn’t she do now? Fucked all night by a strange black man, being fucked right now by a stranger in a gas station toilet stall, and using his mouth for a toilet, pretending to be a drunken cunt to get laid, wanting to be a tart for any man willing to pay for it, not even thinking about her husband at home who may be worried about her; these were all the things running through her deviant mind, and Erica knew there were more. Erica asked Ken to leave the door open so she could talk to him, and at first she was worried that he might think it a little strange, but he obeyed her, and she went inside to supposedly pee.

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