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#197965 - Helen handed Tommy the foil package and as he was looking it over, she asked, Have you ever used one before, Tom!?! He shook his head from side to side indicating that he hadn't, and then added, You see, Alicia, that's my girl friend, and I have this thing we do during sex and a condom would prevent us from doing it!!! I know, Mis Boyer replied, she told me, but if I could show you another fun thing to try, would you give it a shot!?! After thinking over for a second or two, Tommy shook his head yes and replied, Sure I would, why not!!! After crossing that bridge, Miss Boyer retrieved the condom from Tommy, and then in a soft voice ordered, Now if you would please, take off your pants and shorts!!! Here and now, he replied incredulously, I dunno, that's pretty embarrassing if ya know what I mean!!! Of course I do, Tom, she replied sweetly, but I'd really appreciate it if you would do this for me, because until you do, we really can't

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