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#49938 - I’m begging him to stop now, crying, the pain, the humiliation, I just wanted it to end, he starts to pinch my nipples hard again and has no intention of showing me some mercy, I know he is close to cumming because his eyes are bulging now and his hot muscled body is glistening with his sweat. He pushes me across the bed and starts to suck my nipple, god that felt so good, but then he starts to suck it to hard and then he bites down on them, I’m in pain now, “stop, it hurts, why are you hurting me” and he just smiles and then starts to suck the other nipple and does the same thing, I try to push him away but he gets angry again and grabs my legs again and spreads them wide, he starts to lick my clit again, sucking it, it felt so good but I didn’t want to enjoy it. I feel my heart start to beat very quickly and I knew right there and then, that I had to have this man.

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