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#37712 - We stood up and I bent her over the couch, before slamming my cock back in her soaking pussy, man it was tight, I picked up a hard rythem, and she was using her hands to push her body back onto my cock, each time my balls slamming against her ass, I wondered if anyone walking past could see our shadows through the curtains, or if they could hear her, she told me to stop for a second, reached in a bag in the corner and pulled out a bottle of lube, she quicker sucked my cock before rubbing some line on, before handing me the bottle and bending back over, I put some on her ass hole, and pressed my cock against it, she pushed back again and I guided the end in slowly, before taking hold of her hips and beginning to thrust slowly, it went in deeper with each thrust, before finally I was all the way in, I kept a slow but hard movement going, which seemed to please her greatly, whilst I reached around and rubbed her clit at the same time, I could tell I wasn't far off coming, and I wanted to

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