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#382501 - So we started the film, and it didn’t take but a few seconds to see it was xxx rated, and she let out a loud laugh and called us naughty boys! But it set the stage, and as we settled in to watch the action, it was only a few minutes before she commented on the woman being lucky as she had two men, and after setting her glass done reaching over Brad to get it on the table she let her hand rest on his thigh. So I asked her if it would be OK to invite him to dinner on a Friday night, when her kids were at their Dad’s, and maybe open some champagne and see where it would go! She was very reluctant at first, but I assured her that he wouldn’t have any idea what was up, and that if nothing developed there was nothing ventured nothing gained. She was still upstairs when the doorbell rang and I stepped into the foyer to get the door and let our guest in.

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